3min colour video, sound.

Made at home in Coburg, Melbourne, August 2020, during stage 4 restrictions (the second lockdown, during winter).

A montage of short videos, capturing photos of faraway destinations projected onto mundane domestic surfaces at my home in Coburg.

The photos are my own, taken in 14 different countries over the last 16 years.

To me, the transluscent and magic realistic qualities of light projection (as well as linguistic connotations of ´projeciton´ as a transfer of emotion and desire) implies a layering of lived experiences, and echos the changing nature of memory and the ghostly intangibility of suspended past moments, conflating long distances, long times, and longing.

The bland white noise of the projector ambiguates for unidentifiable suburban sounds – hairdryer? traffic? range hood? heater? vacuum cleaner? leaf blower? All of the above, blending into one mundane soundtrack of domestic stillness.
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