Adhoc, kinetic Installation at PGB Artspace, Brunswick, Melbourne. 30 May 2020.

The title Installation plays on connotations of being ‘installed’ much like a piece of machinery, automatically serving a preconceived purpose.

Made up of objects from home (a sculptural evolution of Daily Domestic Drawings) Installation plays with themes similar to that of Louise Bourgeois’ and Mona Hatoum’s installations in the late 1990s, staging interior domestic space as a metaphor for the subjective inner psyche and body.

Installation enacts a private space publicly while drawing on the subconscious, the imagination and personal lived experience. It reveals the strangeness within the familiar, dislocation from a sense of place, and states of flux.

Spectral and dreamlike, Installation manifests contradiction, duality and ambiguity by revealing the weightless yet leaden, fantastical yet real; and playful yet fearful, to destabilise meaning and subvert dominant notions of the home. Confinement and fluidity exist in utero. Domestic fears and maternal ghosts from the past are alluded to, drawing upon social and historical constructs of gendered space, which echoes broader complex and hidden realities, undoubtedly heightened by the current pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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